The club instructor:
Sensei Giannis Leonidas Asimakopoulos (Asimakides) has practise Shotokan Karate-Do since 1978. Sensei Giannis Leonidas has been a student of Shihan Taiji Kase since middle of 80's and a regular member of Kase's Shotokan Ryu Kase-Ha Instructor Academy (SRKHIA). Sensei Giannis Leonidas is granted by Shihan T. Kase to Go-DAN level of Kase-Ha Karate-Do which counts to the strongest Shotokan Karate in the world. Sensei har competed in 10 years and got 22 competition awards among other two times swedish champion in fighting.  Since 1990 acts sensei Giannis Leonidas as senior instructor for senjors and juniors teaching, self respect and self defence as he learnt by Shihan Kase.
Another excellent and very important sensei and friend who has contributed to sensei Giannis Leonidas Karate competence is Shihan Milo Bajraktari , 7 DAN Kase-Ha. Shihan Milo is an expert Karate fellow and instructor who has the ability to explain Shihan T. Kase's Karate on an unique way.
Karatekids instructors: Leading by young and well trained Karate-kas at DAN level.